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Transporting a Solid Marble Bench in London

With the Hooka machine being so versatile you never know what the next job might be!

This week we helped a customer transport a solid marble bench and lift it into position. The bench had been removed from the Barbican in London but it weighed over 1000kg, the Hooka made the installation swift and safe and the customer happy.

Thank you for the business!

Lift and Shift Bulky Items in Restricted Access Sites

The Steel Beam Lifter Team make good use of the capabilities of the Hooka mini tracked crawler handler, with it’s compact size and great lifting strengths we not only install steel beams, but other potentially difficult to move items that are delivered to the kerbside and need moving and installing in areas where large machines simply can’t reach.

The safest, easiest and fastest way to move bulky items

Steel Beam Lifter Team and Hooka Mini Crawler Handler Lifting and Shifting Spa
Steel Beam Lifter Team and Hooka Tracked Crawler Handler installing Fuego Pizza Ovens
Transporting a Solid Marble Bench in London
Lifting Backup Power Supply Modules on a Tight Site in Bradford