Ultimate Steel I-Beam Lifter Hire for Safe and Easy Steel I-Beam Installation

Steel Beam Installation with the Hooka, Lift and carry Crawler Crane, lifting heavy steel beam into place
Construction - Steel Beam Installation with the Hooka
Safely Unloading Heavy Steel Beam from Lorry at Roadside with the Hooka, Lift and carry Crawler Crane
Steel Beam Installation using the Hooka - Picture 1
RSJ Steel Beam Installation with the Hooka, Lift and carry Crawler Crane, lifting heavy RSJ steel beam into place
I-Beam Installation with the Hooka, Lift and carry Crawler Crane, lifting heavy I-beam into place
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Commercial Structural Steel Beam Installation Service with the Ultimate Steel Beam Lifter

Steel beam installation presents some of the greatest challenges at a construction site. The Hooka steel I-beam lifter will change the way you look at this building task. Lightweight and compact, it makes steel beam installation easy and less stressful.

When constructing a large commercial building, installing those massive steel beams can be awkward and dangerous. Underpinning an existing building, along with basement construction and foundations, have traditionally been difficult jobs. Tight spaces and exacting beam placement are among the headaches encountered by builders.

That’s where the Hooka steel beam lifter and DBX steel beam mover come in. Unlike a hoist-and-lift crane, the Hooka combines a long arm with a stable platform. You’ll appreciate the easy and precise beam placement that the Hooka brings to the job. Moving a beam to the other side of the site is no problem with the remote-controlled carrier attachment.

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Commercial Structural Steel Beam Installation Service

How to Safely and Easily Move and Install Heavy Steel I-Beams Without Any Manual Handling

Steel I-beams for house extensions and commercial buildings are getting bigger and bigger as clients demand more open space from their architects. This has resulted in steel I-beams typically weighing more than 1 tonne. In many cases, these heavy and awkward steel I-beams have to be carried from roadside delivery to the other side of a building site with the usual tight and limited access.

Traditionally, when steel I-beams were smaller, moving them to the required place on-site would require a lot of manual handling, which even with smaller steel I-beams presented the high risk of causing muscular strain, especially in backs. You would also need to manually handle potentially more than one Genie lift, which themselves could weigh up to 200kg, and they have to be carefully placed on a level base to ensure stability. All in all, a lot of unnecessary effort.

Now, with steel I-beams weighing more than 1 tonne and being many metres in length, manual handling simply isn’t a safe option. This is safely and easily resolved by using the Hooka steel I-beam lifting and carrying crane with its remote controlled tracked beam carrying attachment. Not only does the Hooka safely and easily transport the heavy steel I-beams (RSJ) from the roadside to the exact location on-site where the steel I-beam is to be installed, but it also safely and easily lifts steel I-beams weighing up to 1.3 tonnes with a single Hooka, or a massive 2.6 tonnes with 2 Hookas.

These capabilities ensure the Hooka is possibly the most suitable alternative to Genie lifts and other beam lifters for safer and easier installation of large and heavy steel I-beams needed by modern house extensions and commercial buildings.

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Safely and easily move heavy steel I-beams from road side to point of use prior to lift with our unique tracked steel I-beam trolley, for any ground conditions.

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Safely, easily and quickly lift and position heavy steel I-beams with the Hooka, the no manually handling, quicker alternative to other ways of lifting heavy steel I-beams.

How to lift a Steel I-Beam for easy Installation using the steel I-beam manipulation head attachment with the Hooka, ultimate steel I-beam lifting machine
RSJ Steel I-Beam Installation on Building Site in Hertfordshire

RSJ beam installation by the Hooka using the beam lifter attachment on a building site with very tight access at only 1 metre wide.

The Hooka with steel I-beam manipulator head installing Steel I-Beams in London. The ultimate steel I-beam lifter.
Steel I-Beam Installation, London

The Hooka was used to install several steel I-beams for a builder in Camberwell, London. They where so impressed by the Hooka that they kept it on site to move all their materials into the rear of the property.

Installation of RSJ Steel I-Beam, Moving Steel I-Beam into position with the Hooka prior to final safe lift
Moving RSJ Steel I-Beam into Position

Steel I-beam moved into position by the Hooka prior to lift with beam lifter attachment for safe installation of heavy beam.

1200kg RSJ Steel I-Beam easily being lifted into position by the Hooka
Contract Lift of Heavy 1200kg Steel I-Beam and Installation

The Hooka was used to safely install a huge 1200kg steel I-beam for a house extension in Surrey.

Successful 11 Steel I-Beam Installation in Multi-Story Car Park, Gloucester

Interesting job this week for CJN Engineering installing an 11 multi-Ibeam structure in King’s Walk multi-storey car park in Gloucester. With very restricted headroom, the Hooka machine was hired for its compact size, combined lift and carry crawler crane/tracked forklift capabilities and proven 1.3 tonne lift and carry capacity for steel I-beams, was the perfect tool for the job!

Safe Installation of 300kg to 950kg Steel RSJ Beams on Site in Wokingham

K Design set the Hooka a 4 Steel RSJ I-Beam challenge. The steel RSJs ranged from 300kg to 950kg and had to be towed and carried 100 metres into the site through a restricted access without causing damage to the mature gardens. The Hooka’s lightweight and load spreading tracks allowed it to run on a 13mm plywood trackway to deliver the steel I-beams to the installation area.

The Hooka – 16 Steel I-Beam Frame Assembly Built in One Day!

The Hooka is the ideal steel I-beam lifter for quick, easy and safe steel I-beam installation. On this contract lift the Steel I-Beams had to be assembled in a specific order to construct the complete steel frame to make sure it was set square on its foundations. The Hooka’s ‘turn on the spot’ manoeuvrability allowed it to fit the upright steel columns and horizontal cross beams all from one central point.

Easy Installation of 450kg Steel I-Beam on Site With Restricted Access

The Hooka took ‘restricted access’ to the next level this week! The 450kg Steel I-Beam install had to go in through a 2.1 metre high x 1.1 metre wide access, up and down a series of ramps, and then ‘post’ the I-Beam onto it’s piers inside a ‘letterbox’ opening. This enabled the home owner to keep the rest of their house ‘intact’ until the extension is fully completed – so reducing the ‘extension build dust and chaos’ to a minimum! – Another satisfied customer of Lift, shift AND install!

Arrange a Contract Lift Hire for the Installation of Your Steel I-Beams

Our specialist operators will take the stress and danger out of installing your steel I-beams with the Hooka.

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More examples of the Hooka on hire safely and easily installing steel I-beams

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The Hooka British Design British Built

Key facts for safer Steel I-Beam Installations with the Hire of the Hooka.
The Ultimate Steel I-Beam Lifting Machine!

  • Lifts and carries steel I-beams from the roadside into the heart of any site!
  • Safely lift and carry steel I-beams of up to 1.3 tonnes using the specifically designed steel I-beam manipulation head.
  • The perfect machine for restricted access sites, the Hooka is only 1 metre wide!
  • Tracked base ensures excellent stability and minimum ground damage.
  • Designed and built in Great Britain.
  • Hire Ultimate Steel I-Beam Lifter! Contact Us

With it’s specially designed Steel I-Beam Manipulation Head attachment on the crane jib, the Hooka is the ideal steel I-beam lifter and makes moving and installation of steel I-beams easier than ever before. Contact us above to hire the ultimate steel I-beam lifter.

Below you will see examples of the Hooka quickly, efficiently and safely helping with the installation of steel I-beams up to 1.3 tonnes each.

Plus with it’s stable platform and long reach, the Hooka can place steel I-beams exactly where they are needed, unlike traditional hoist-up beam lifters.