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Installing Steel Road Plates in a Tight Alleyway in London

It was some slightly different steel work to install for the Hooka team this week. Joe at Cord Construction kindly asked us to help set 3x 400kg steel road-plates into a tight alleyway in central London.

Having accessed the site through the small pedestrian doorway, Hooka used a pair of Probst 400kg vacuum lifters on a spreader beam to provide a super secure and level lift for the plates. Once lifted, to ensure optimum safety, the plates were rested on the bed of the machine for the transport phase.

Having negotiated the narrow, load sensitive pedestrian access to the installation zone, Hooka had to pass through another restricted doorway before setting the plates down on a sand and cement bed – so they can act as a bearing surface for scaffolding. Job done smoothly and safely with the ‘top-lift’ vacuum system ensuring the setting down of the plates did not cause any disturbance to the carefully prepared and levelled sub-base.

Thank you Joseph Haysler and the team Cord Construction!

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