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What’s the Easiest and Safest Way to Install Heavy Steel I-beams?

With steel beams becoming even more difficult to lift and move, Steel Beam Lifter does all the heavy lifting for you. Allow us to lift and move your steel beams into place with no effort from you or your workers, providing you with the perfect solution for your next construction project or extension.

The Problem

Traditionally, when steel I-beams were smaller, they were moved into place manually. The weight of an RSJ, I-beam, or steel beam could be anything from around 16 kg a metre for a steel beam measuring 152.4 mm deep x 88.7 mm wide, to 43 kg a metre for a steel beam that is 259.6 mm x 147.3 mm. It was often possible to move a steel beam into place with the help of a couple of strong companions, even though it might have been awkward, inconvenient, and probably pretty dangerous.

Now, with today’s projects requiring steel I-beams weighing more than one tonne and being many metres in length, manual handling simply isn’t an option.

The DBX Steel Beam Mover and Hooka Mini Tracked Crawler Handler offers the ideal solution for construction projects in the UK that require heavier steel beams. Here at Steel Beam Lifter, we bring our Hooka machine to your building site or construction project and take care of the lifting and positioning for you.

Steel Beam Lifter is located in Medstead in East Hampshire, and Baldock in North Hertfordshire, and you can find our contact details here.

The Solution

RSJ Steel I-Beam Installation with the Hooka, Lift and carry Crawler Handler, lifting heavy RSJ steel I-beam into place

DBX Steel Beam Mover
The DBX Steel Beam Mover is a simple and safe way to move steel I-beams across every terrain
Our single DBX Steel Beam Mover and Hooka Mini Tracked Crawler Handler can safely and easily lift up to 1.3-tonne steel beams. Two Hookas, one at either end of the steel beam, can lift a massive 2.6 tonnes!

But, what makes the Hooka stand out from similar machines is its flexibility and manoeuvrability. We can use the Hooka to lift your steel beams from the delivery truck if required and carry them from the edge of the building site, or around a property or site to their intended destination.

The Hooka is compact and just one metre wide, so it’s perfect for sites with restricted access or for accessing the rear of a property between houses via the side entrance. Its turn-on-the-spot movability and long reach enable precise delivery and positioning of its load.

And, that’s not all. The Hooka can lift your beam into position, even when access is tight. We’ve even been known to move a steel beam through a hole in a property’s wall to get it to where it needed to be!

British Design, British-Built

Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the UK, the Hooka runs on a Honda GX630 V-Twin petrol engine. An integrated load-lock system means that the 1.7-tonne Hooka can lift and carry up to 1.5 tonnes. An expertly designed manipulation head lifts and carries heavy steel beams securely, giving you peace of mind that everyone on your site stays safe.

And, because the Hooka is UK-made, you can easily source the spare parts you need for repair and maintenance.

Track Base for Excellent Stability

The Hooka lift and carry all terrain crawler handler moving steel I-beam into position

The base of the Hooka is a Hinowa track base. The base is detachable and remote-controlled, and the specially designed track base means it will stay stable as it traverses your building site with its precious load, while causing minimal ground damage, disruption, or mess.

During one project, it was essential that a customer’s mature gardens were not damaged, so we laid a plywood trackway to accommodate the Hooka’s lightweight, load spreading tracks. With a problem-solving approach and can-do attitude, the operators at Steel Beam Lifter are always coming up with fresh solutions to challenges.

What We Can Do for You

Whatever size steel beam you need to move and position – and however many beams are involved – Steel Beam Lifter will bring the DBX Steel Beam Mover and Hooka Mini Tracked Crawler Handler to your site. We’ve helped customers to install 1,000-kg steel beams measuring 8 metres in length, 9-metre long steel I-Beams, 1,200-kg steel goalpost assemblies, 2,400-kg steel beams, and much more, with no problem.

As well as numerous house extensions of all shapes and sizes, past projects have included steel beams for a balcony, an orangery, a shop front, and steel goalpost and picture frame installations.

Homeowners love how we can get the job done with the minimum of disruption and mess, for example, when a steel beam is needed for a home extension when the family is living there.