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The Hooka – 16 Steel I-Beam Frame Assembly Built in One Day!

The Hooka is the ideal steel I-beam lifter for quick, easy and safe steel I-beam installation. On this lift the Steel I-Beams had to be assembled in a specific order to construct the complete steel frame to make sure it was set square on its foundations.

The Hooka’s ‘turn on the spot’ manoeuvrability allowed it to fit the upright steel columns and horizontal cross beams all from one central point.

Finally, the Hooka installed the front opening steel I-Beams to leave the portal frame ready to receive the rest of the construction materials.

Another satisfied customer with the job done smoothly and safely using the Hooka team.

The Hooka British Design British Built

Key facts for safer Steel I-Beam Installations with the Hire of the Hooka

  • Lifts and carries steel I-beams from the roadside into the heart of any site!
  • Safely lift and carry steel I-beams of up to 1.3 tonnes.
  • The perfect machine for restricted access sites, the Hooka is only 1 metre wide!
  • Tracked base ensures excellent stability and minimum ground damage.
  • Designed and built in Great Britain.

With it’s specially designed Steel I-Beam installation attachment on the handler jib, the Hooka makes moving and installation of steel I-beams easier than ever before.

Below you will see examples of the Hooka quickly, efficiently and safely helping with the installation of steel I-beams up to 1.3 tonnes each.

Plus with it’s stable platform and long reach, the Hooka can place steel I-beams exactly where they are needed, unlike traditional hoist-up beam lifters.