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Installing Underground Car Park Gates at the Battersea Power Station

Andy Campbell, the AP from AC Lifting, called in Hooka to work alongside Eagle Automation installing the underground car park gates at the Battersea Power Station refurbishment project.

Running on LPG, to ensure fume-safe operation, Hooka was selected for both its compact size (to navigate the car park corridors) and its ability to provide a complete lift, shift and install service despite the added challenge of having to work on the 10 degree slope of the car park ramp.

First stage was to carefully lift the two 250kg columns and transport them to their setting positions before adding the four 100kg gate leaves to them. The machine’s vari-track system expanded the track base out to 1.4 metres thereby ensuring total stability, despite the cross-slope operation, enabling the complete gate set to be safely installed in less than 1.5 hours.

Thank you for the business!

Lift and Shift Bulky Items in Restricted Access Sites

The Steel Beam Lifter Team make good use of the capabilities of the Hooka mini tracked crawler handler, with it’s compact size and great lifting strengths we not only install steel beams, but other potentially difficult to move items that are delivered to the kerbside and need moving and installing in areas where large machines simply can’t reach.

The safest, easiest and fastest way to move bulky items

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