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Indoor Steel Beam Installation for Jaguar Land Rover

As word of Hooka’s ability for Steel Beam installation spreads, the machine is becoming the ‘weapon of choice’ for a huge variety of lifts.

This week’s ‘curved ball’ challenge was kindly provided by Martin of LFE Engineering, with a huge 2.4 tonne beam to be transported deep inside one of Jaguar Land-Rover’s HQ buildings at Gaydon, before being raised up to support some internal re-working.

The Hooka’s ability to work indoors, by running on LPG, and ‘team up’ for larger lifts enabled the 3 machines to safely and smoothly transport the beam to the install area and then lift it precisely up into position – so the LFE team could then simply bolt it to the supporting columns.

Another complex and heavy steel installation successfully completed with all manual handling risks eliminated.