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The Steel Beam Lifter Franchise

The Safest, Easiest and Fastest Way to Install Steel Beams

Your market place

Something quite revolutionary is happening in the building materials handling market – and that something is called Steel Beam Lifter – who have designed, patented, manufactured and deployed the Hooka Machine enabling beams weighing up to one tonne to be lifted safely into place.

Some key facts about the Hooka machine:

It doesn’t stop there – large double-glazed units, bulk bags of sand and gravel, root ball trees, outdoor pizza ovens and even heavy garden sculptures can all be safely manoeuvred into position.

Steel beam lifter has managed many residential and commercial contracts so winning big value clientele is in our DNA – it’s what we’ve done for years and also why we recently revamped our own brand. However, as we have grown, particularly around Hampshire and Hertfordshire we have faced a choice as to how to deal with customers further afield, some of whom have paid us to travel over 200 miles to work for them!

Our strategy now is to appoint, train and support franchisees to manage specific regions of the UK and spread the unique Steel Beam Lifter brand far and wide. We know everything that you need to do to create a successful business – just the same as we have done. So if you’ve been looking for a new business which is in high demand, has proven profits and is quick and easy to replicate in your own region then this might be the business you have been waiting for.

Hooka lifting pizza oven
Hooka lifting rootball tree

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How your franchise works

Our marketing alongside your local efforts brings in enquires. We have designed a development schedule for your franchise that mirrors exactly how the Steel Beam Lifter brand established itself a few years ago. This business is unaffected by seasonality so you can work all year round.

Our pricing system combined with video technology means you will be able to easily quote customers without visiting site, but naturally a face-to-face visit is usually better, particularly in the early days when you are building your relationships with contractors. A typical job, lifting a steel beam into place, is usually half a day’s work for which you would charge £600.

What you need

You must able to deal with people from all backgrounds and at all levels. Just like any other business you must also be prepared to work hard. You don’t need previous experience but must be able to work with a degree of care, and whilst this is not a particularly physical role (the machine does the lifting) you will need to be fit enough to operate an ‘out and about’ style of business. With your commitment we can teach you everything else.

We have created a complete franchise package which includes all the tools that you need to get established. You will need a suitable towing vehicle and trailer to be your work horse which can be leased for a few hundred pounds per month, and you will need to live close to your chosen area of operation. Smart uniforms and your liveried vehicle become mobile adverts for you. Plus, you will have a web page and printed marketing inventory that oozes professionalism.

Heavy Steel Beam Goalpost Assembly Installation in North London

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Potential earnings

Like all businesses your first few months are all about marketing and building relationships, but a mature franchise can be a very lucrative business for you. £10,000 + per month turnover is normal for us and a high gross profit provides a substantial income opportunity for you. Remember, we were a start-up ourselves a few years ago so we know EXACTLY what you need to do in your own area.

You will also have the opportunity to scale the business into a multi machine operation by following our blueprint and we will go the extra mile to help you to achieve this.


The franchise and all the necessary equipment can be financed at just under £500 per month. You should be able to recoup that cost in just two typical days work per month. Borrowing through the Government Start Up Loan means the finance is also unsecured which means you don’t need to put your house or other assets up as collateral.

If you do not need the finance option then the franchise fee is £18,600 plus vat, this includes the crane training and certification. You should allow an additional £7,500 plus vat to purchase a trailer and all the tools necessary. So the total funding requirement is £26,100 plus vat.

If you already have a towing vehicle and trailer you could use that and apply our livery, otherwise a new lease on a suitable vehicle costs around £300 per month. The government backed funding that is available gives you and any partners (up to 4 of you) access to £25,000 each at 6% interest. Our franchise consultants Lime Licensing Group have a near 100% success rate at organising this. We’ll provide details of this to you at a later date if you might need external funding.

Hooka lifting and carrying bulk bag

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Training & support

It is the quality of our training that stands us apart from everyone else. The big names chose us as just as much as local householders and other businesses. It is our quality of work and the credibility of referrals and big names brand names that wins us work – you’ll have that built into your franchise from day one!

You’ll be trained by professionals who have done the job and more importantly know how to impart that knowledge to you. Whilst there is a place for theory training much of what we teach you will be on “live” jobs working with us as part of our team. This means that when you commence in your own area you know precisely what you need to do and how to do it. On an ongoing basis you’ll be fully supported too with technical advice and small business skills training that gets you established in the quickest possible time.

Exclusive territory

You’ll own a number of defined postcodes which means that every lead and potential customer within your exclusive region is automatically yours. At Steel Beam Lifter we work together, not in competition with each other. Having an exclusive territory also means that you have a more saleable asset when the time comes to sell your business and you have the same opportunity to profitably sell your franchise as you would any other business subject to our approval of the buyer.

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A personal message from Mark Underdown and Charles Sterling, founders of Steel Beam Lifter

“After years of frustration, hard work and determination we were finally granted the patent for the Hooka machine. It was only after we had started to manufacture the machine and then deploy into the market place that we recognised just what a unique concept we had created. With most of our work now coming from repeat business and recommendations it made sense to expand our business into other regions of the UK by franchising. We know, through experience, that the machine is easy and safe to use but it does require common sense and a willingness to simply take your time and be careful. We know what works and what doesn’t. We know why our customers value us and we are very confident that you can do the same with our training, help and support.”